5 Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Working with influencers doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult, but there are definitely some things to be aware of to make sure you get the best return on investment for your campaign. It’s easy to get caught up in common mistakes, especially if you haven’t done a huge amount with influencers before. Here are 5 common Influencer marketing mistakes and how to avoid them:

Using the Wrong Influencer for your Goals

It’s a misconception that loads of followers = loads of sales. While reach is an important part of brand awareness, if you’re working with an influencer that isn’t aligned with your brand then you won’t reach a relevant audience. 

Reaching 1,000 people who are engaged and aligned with your product can be better for sales than reaching 100,000 who don’t care. People will zone in on a partnership that feels inauthentic.

At eaeo we use our bespoke analysis to refine this process. We ensure we are always identifying the right influencers that align with your brand values, key audiences and campaign requirements.

Not Being Clear About What You Want

For clarity on all sides when it comes to an influencer campaign it is best to write a clear brief. This should include key information including:

  • what the influencer needs to do
  • deadlines
  • output
  • key product information
  • hashtags, advertising guidelines to adhere
  • inspiration 

It doesn’t need to be overly complex or prescriptive to the point it takes away the influencer’s creativity and authenticity. They know what their audience engage with after all, but a little info goes a long way!

Not Defining Goals

The great thing about digital marketing and influencer campaigns is that you get access to lots of data! Clicks, sales, engagement, followers – it’s all there so you can really measure and analyse outcomes. 

If you don’t define goals, measure and analyse then how will you know if a campaign’s been a success?

Setting those expectations and measurements ahead of time means you have a benchmark. This means it’s easier to check out improvements and optimise for next time.

Engaging with Fake Followers

Influencing isn’t just a numbers game and sadly, fake followers can be bought to give the impression of influence. This leads to a lack of engagement for campaigns and the feeling that you might just have wasted your time and budget. 

Do a little due diligence before you start working with an influencer just to assess whether or not their followers are genuine and what their engagement is like. There are a number of tools that you can use to check this out before you start.

Breaking the Rules

Not following advertising guidelines can be a big mistake that can come with fines (for you and the influencer), negative publicity and increased scrutiny. Take the time to educate yourself on the rules around working with influencers and promoting your products. 

Check out our guide to How to Work with Influencers on #Ads, Gifting and Sponsored Content where we spoke to industry expert and owner of Hashtag Ad Consulting, Rupa Shah. She’s given her insights on how brands and influencers can work together within the rules – not being aware of the rules isn’t an excuse that will wash with the Advertising Standards Agency, so it’s your responsibility to understand.

This blog has outlined 5 common Influencer marketing mistakes and how to avoid them, but if you’re still unsure about navigating the world of Influencer marketing get in touch today, we’re here to help!